About the GGGI-FICCI-EESL project

In order to create a true market transformation of Energy Efficiency (EE) in MSME sector, accelerate investment and technology deployment/transfer, it is required to create the ESCO market by engaging SMEs, industry association, Energy Auditors, ESCOs, FIs, State level policy makers etc.

Although there are over 100 empaneled ESCOs in India, the ESCO market is rather nascent in MSMEs. The ESCOs may seek lending from FIs to implement such projects. The mobilisation of such investment is also a challenge as FIs are unaware of these demonstrated Standard EE solutions, its benefits and business models. Matchmaking between MSME unit, ESCO and FI is the key for successful scale-up of EE project implementation. There are also no standardised documentations or procedural guidelines available, which would be required in the process of ESCO project implementations.

Through this project, GGGI-FICCI-EESL-would develop an end-to-end ESCO project implementation mechanism through in a selective MSME clusters. This will broadly include:

  • Establishment of procedure of demand aggregation, baseline estimation, selection of ESCO,  engagement of ESCO with the MSME and FIs, project implementation, M&V and outreach.
  • Development of standardized documents (EoI, Baseline EA, agreements, proposals M&V reports etc.)
  • Awareness creation and Capacity development of ESCOs, FIs and SMEs
  • Handholding of EESL, the national level entity who shall be the market transformer by engaging private ESCOs and mobilizing investments
  • Creation of a user-friendly IT platform for ease in program management and transparency
  • Facilitate EESL in linking the ESCO investments to EERF