Global Green Growth Institute

Energy Efficiency Services Limited

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Installation of Low Grade Heat Recovery System to Reduce the Fuel Comsumption
S.No. Particulars Details
1. Name of the Industry/Organisation
2. Contact Person Name
3. Designation
4. Address for Communication
5. City
6. Pin code
7. Contact Number/Mobile No.
8. Email ID
9. Website

S.No. Parameter Unit Items Items Items Soucre of Data
Rated Specifications
1 Name of equipment where waste heat avaialble   Name Plate
2 Operating duration of the equipment h/day Measured/Calculated
3 Operating duration of the equipment days/year Measured/Calculated
4 Availability of waste hot water h/day Measured/Calculated
5 Average Flow Quantity of waste hot water kl/Day Measured/Calculated
6 Average Temperature of hot water (Avg) °C Measured/Calculated
7 Temperature of cold water (Avg) °C Measured/Calculated
8 Running Boiler Efficiency % Name Plate
9 Calorific Value of Fuel kCal/kg Name Plate
10 Fuel cost Rs/Ton Plant Data

S.No. Parameter Unit Motor Rating Motor Rating Motor Rating Soucre of Data 
Performance Evaluation
1 Flow Quantity of cold water kl/Day Measured/Calculated
2 Potential to raise the temperature of cold stream DT °C Calculated
3 Heat Reduction due to WHR installation Kcal/day Measured/Calculated
4 Heat Reduction due to WHR installation at boiler  Kcal/day Measured/Calculated
5 Fuel Reduction due to WHR Installation  kg Per Day Calculated
6 Annual fuel Saving Tons/Annum Calculated
7 Annual cost saving potential Rs. Lakh/annum Calculated