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Install the PLC Based Automation & Control system in Jet Dyeing Machines
S.No. Particulars Details
1. Name of the Industry/Organisation
2. Contact Person Name
3. Designation
4. Address for Communication
5. City
6. Pin code
7. Contact Number/Mobile No.
8. Email ID
9. Website

S.No. Parameter Unit Values Values Values Soucre of Data 
  Rated Specifications 
1 Make   Name Plate
2 Type of Dyeing machines   Name Plate
3 Capacity of Dyeing machines kg of Cloth  Name Plate
  Operating Parameters
4 Total Operating hours hrs/day Measured/Calculated
5 Annual Operational Days Days/Annum Measured/Calculated
6 Number of Batches nos./Day Measured/Calculated
7 number of heating cycle/ batch cycle/ batch Measured/Calculated
8 number of normal - non heating cycle/ batch cycle/ batch Measured/Calculated
9 Total number of cycle/ batch cycle/ batch Measured/Calculated
10 Water requirement per kg of cloth/cycle kg/kg of cloth/cycle Measured/Calculated
11 Initital Water Temeprature  °C Measured/Calculated
12 Heating temperature in the cycle °C Measured/Calculated
13 Water/ Cloth ratio for each cycle (Liquor Ratio) Water: Cloth Measured/Calculated
14 Steam to Fuel ratio kg of Steam/kg of Fuel Calculated

  Performance Evaluation
1 Steam requirement Kg/day Calculated
2 Steam Saving due to installation of PLC in Jet Dyeing Kg/day Calculated
3 Boiler Efficiency %  
4 Water saving due to PLC system KL/Day Calculated
5 Operating Day Per Year days/year Calculated
6 Annual fuel Saving Ton/Year BY Equipment Supplier
7 Time period of one batch  hours/Batch Measured/Calculated
8 Total hot water requirement per Batch kL/Batch Measured/Calculated
9 Total hot water requirement per Day kL/Day Measured/Calculated
10 Total water Requirement per Day kL/Day Measured/Calculated
11 Total Heat Requirement kCal/Day