Global Green Growth Institute

Energy Efficiency Services Limited

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Retrfitting 32-35 Watt BLDC Fan of 1200 mm Sweep
S.No. Particulars Details
1. Name of the Industry/Organisation
2. Contact Person Name
3. Designation
4. Address for Communication
5. City
6. Pin code
7. Contact Number/Mobile No.
8. Email ID
9. Website

S.No. Parameter Unit Values Values Values Soucre of Data 
  Rated Specifications 
1 Make of Ceiling Fan   Name Plate
2 Wattage of Ceiling Fan  Watts Name Plate
3 Number of Ceiling Fan No. Measured/Calculated
  Operating Parameters
4 Total Operating Hours of Ceiling Fan hrs/day Measured/Calculated
5 Monthly operating Days of Ceiling Fan Days/Months Measured/Calculated
6 Annual Operational Months Months/Year Measured/Calculated
7 Sweep Size (900/1200/1400mm) mm Measured/Calculated
8 Electrical Energy Unit Cost  Rs./kWh from Electricity Bill
9 Present Ceiling fan numbers Nos Measured/Calculated
10 Present Ceiling fan Power    Watts Measured/Calculated
11 Annual Operational Days Days/Annum Measured/Calculated

  Performance Evaluation
12 Plant's Present ceiling fan energy Consumption  kWh/Annum Calculated
13 Proposed New Ceiling Fan Power Watts Calculated
14 Proposed Ceiling fan  Energy Consumption kWh/Annum Calculated
15 Estimated Annual Electrical Energy Savings kWh/Annum Calculated
16 Annual Monetary Saving Rs. Lakh/Annum Calculated
17 Annual GHG Emission Reduction tCO2/year Calculated